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     After suffering brain injury, Olympian horse rider goes to RIO thanks to a program of optometric vision therapy, click image for link

  • What our patients are saying

  • Thanks to all of you for the professional and fun experience during my recent visit. While accompanying my wife on her scheduled visit, I decided to take care of my overdue eye exam' I believe that my exam by Optometrist was the most thorough and best that I have ever experienced. Your suggestion of frames was excellent and I am very happy with the entire experience. I look forward to future visits!


  • Following my stroke, I was having difficulty with walking, having to use a stick for support even indoors, reading was no longer a pleasure and life miserable. As vision therapy has progressed, i am seeing more, my balance has improved and I no longer need to use a stick. Reading is becoming a pleasure again. Am I feeling 100% better? I would have to say No, because i feel 400% better now!!!!


  • Because my son has been struggling in school, I have taken my child to several opticians who told me my childs' eyes were normal. Having been recommended by a friend to go to Shayler's, I saw him use lots of tests that i had never seen before. When he eventually put some glasses on my son, I could not believe the instant change, not only in his reading ability but also the way he formed his letters when writing was clearer!


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