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  • Qualifications

    Geoff Shayler is one of the most qualified Behavioural Optometrists in Europe

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  • Published Research Articles

    Over 30 research articles have been published by Optometrist Geoff Shayler who has also lectured extensively in Europe as well as here in the UK. Click link to view

  • International Lectures presented

    Since 1997, Geoff Shayler has been honoured to present the results of his research at a number of International conferences in Europe and the USA, click link to view

  • About Shaylers Vision Centre

    Shaylers Vision Centre is a friendly family run Opticians with an International reputation. This reputation is built on our ability to assess visual problems in patients of all ages. We also carry routine eyesight and eye heath examinations.

    Started in 1951 by Optician Frank Pickford, the practice was taken over by Geoff and Loraine Shayler 35 years ago, and Shaylers Vision Centre moved to their present location in 1984

    Their eldest son found school a very unpleasant experience due to dyslexia and ADHD. At the time, Geoff could find no problem with his eyesight, and even an eye specialist at the hospital could find nothing wrong with him. It wasn't until he met an American Optometrist, the late Dr Wayne Pharr OD, that Geoff Shayler, the optometrist at Shaylers Vision Centre was able to identify that "visual problems" were actually a major factor in his difficulties in school. This discovery led Geoff on a long and still continuing journey to understand why children struggle in school. In addition he has developed tests to identify these issues and develop lens designs and vision therapy techniques to help these children

    This research has also led to a greater understanding of the visual problems experienced by the older generation, especially in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases

    Optometrist Geoff Shayler has now lectured extensively in Europe and the USA as well as here in the UK on his research. He has also published 34 articles in Optometry journals around the world. He is now acknowledged as an authority in these aspects of vision

     In 2013, Geoff Shayler was very honoured to be presented with the prestigous H Riley Spitler award at the 81st Light and Vision conference held in Florida, only the third time it has been presented to an Optometrist outside the US

     In addition we are very proud that the practice has been shortlisted on 4 occasions for the UK Optican awards

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