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    Aberdeen Vision Therapy Centre, Jenson & Ledingham, 23 Belmont St, Aberdeen AB10 1JS01224 643557

  • Testimonials about Shaylers Vision Centre

  • Thanks to all of you for the professional and fun experience during my recent visit. While accompanying my wife on her scheduled visit, I decided to take care of my overdue eye exam' I believe that my exam by Optometrist was the most thorough and best that I have ever experienced. Your suggestion of frames was excellent and I am very happy with the entire experience. I look forward to future visits!
  • Following my stroke, I was having difficulty with walking, having to use a stick for support even indoors, reading was no longer a pleasure and life miserable. As vision therapy has progressed, i am seeing more, my balance has improved and I no longer need to use a stick. Reading is becoming a pleasure again. Am I feeling 100% better? I would have to say No, because i feel 400% better now!!!!
  • Because my son has been struggling in school, I have taken my child to several opticians who told me my childs' eyes were normal. Having been recommended by a friend to go to Shayler's, I saw him use lots of tests that i had never seen before. When he eventually put some glasses on my son, I could not believe the instant change, not only in his reading ability but also the way he formed his letters when writing was clearer!
  • My experience of seeing the results of vision therapy on my son. My son was having a lot of problems in school, he told me could not read the board at school and he had difficulty reading and keeping up with his peers. In view of his problems I took him to my local opticians who advised he did not requires glasses but his vision was below normal and they felt he should be referred to see an eye doctor at the local hospital. He was seen at the hospital who agreed with my optician, but they also could not help my son and advised to get another optician to test my sons eyes I was recommended to take him to Shaylers Vision Centre. The optometrist, Geoff Shayler identified that he had a very small field of view. When he looked at my face across the room, he could just see the V at the neck of my shirt! He could only read 4 lines down the letter chart, which Geoff told me was below the legal limit for driving, unable to read small print and had to hold books very close to read anything. Geoff was unable to help my son see better with glasses as he had identified his problem was a visual not eyesight problem and recommended a program of vision therapy. This involved us travelling to Wareham for 2 x 1 hour daily sessions 4 days a week – we had a total of 20 sessions over 2 ½ weeks. At the end of his vision therapy he could read the normal 20/20 line on the letter chart and his peripheral vision was normal. Since then we have see a great improvement in his performance in school as well as having a much happier and observant teenager. Seeing these changes in my son, I expressed my interest in perhaps training as a vision therapist with Loraine Shayler Geoff and Loraine offered to train me as a vision therapist, and I now enjoy working part time with them in the practice providing vision training to children with learning problems in school as well as adults with brain injury and helping people recover “lost” vision as a result of a stroke by Vision Therapist Michelle
  • Hi All, I have been part of this group since April when my 9 year old daughter was diagnosed with very poor vision. We are in the UK and no one has ever heard of a Behavioural Optomitrist, so when someone suggested I contact one about my daughter I didn't really know where to start or what it would entail. Fortunately for us Geoff Shayler from Shaylers Opticians is only 40 mins from us. We had our original appointment and with Lola's diagnosis Geoff suggested Lola started Vision Therapy. Like a lot of stories on here, I then had to persuade my husband it was worth the time and money. He was dubious at first, but Geoff was amazing and suggested we go in again so that he could show my husband Lola's difficulties. At Shaylers Opticians they offer intensive Vision Therapy. This is 20 sessions completed twice a day, 4 days a week, so it's a big commitment as it takes up 2 and a half weeks. Lola would go in for one session of VT in the morning and then have 3 hours off and then have another hour of VT and have exercises to do at home - so it was intensive! During this time Lola felt very tired and nauseous. We waited for the summer holidays and she completed her intensive therapy over this period. The results were amazing! I have posted some before and after photos for her peripheral vision.....I am now a VT advocate
  • My son had vision therapy at Shaylers a few year ago. As a baby / toddler he was forever bumping into things , stumbling and tripping ,we were referred to have orthotics insoles in his shoes. This helped a little but as he started school it was pretty obvious there were other issues, he wasn't keeping up with his peers with his education. He really struggled to read , didn't remember things and generally didn't like school. At 7years old I had him dyslexia tested privately as school were not really on board, this was our turning point! We were recommended to Jeff as my son was only mildly dyslexic but there was a problem with his vision. After vision therapy my son has made immense progress in all areas of his life. He is sitting his GCSEs next year and all of his predictions are above a pass!! He has excelled at sport he is representing Dorset at a development level. He is happy, has great friends and is a typical teenager, I feel that if he hadn't had vision therapy he really would be a sullen teenager hating school still and really struggling to cope with life. Thank you Jeff. 03.07.17
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