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  • Blurred vision? - a problem with your focus

    blurred vision


    Do you have blurred vision?

    Do you have blurred vision in the distance?

    Do you have blurred vision when reading?

    Do you have to lean in towards a VDU screen to see it clearly?

  • What is Accommodation

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    Accommodation is the term used to describe the ability of the eye to change its focus. Within the eye, just behind the iris (the coloured part of the eye) is the eyes lens. Due to the action of muscles behind the iris, the brain is able to change the shape of the lens in order to allow a clear image to be obtained on the retina, the light sensitive "screen"at the back of the eye.

    This action allows the eye to obtain a clear image whether looking into the distance or at a near object in the same way as we adjust the position of the lens in a camera or telescope.

    Blurred vision occurs when the eye is unable to achieve or maintain a clear focus

  • Focus problems in Children

    In 2002/3, Optometrist, Geoff Shayler identified that children labelled as having learning difficulties in school had a limited range of clear near reading. 

    As a result of this he set up a study which was carried out at Elmrise School in Bournemouth, Dorset. A special reading chart was developed and provided to the teachers in the school

    There instructed to move the chart towards a child' face until it just started to blur, measure this distance (np), then to move the chart away from the child' face until it just started to blur, measure this distance (fp)

    These measurements were compared to their Key stage 1 SAT scores and a direct relationship found

    In particular we identified that dividing fp by np, the fp/np ratio was less than 3.5, then those children were most likely to have educational problems

    This is a simple test that can not only identify children with visual processing difficulties, but can also be used to validate the effect of lens prescribing 

    A child with a limited reading range will lean in close to print, will lean in close to a computer screen and have difficulty copying off the board

  • Presbyopia

    Presbyopia is the medical name for age-related long-sightedness. It is a normal part of ageing, and not a disease.

    As you get older, you find it more difficult to see (focus on) near objects. Over the age of 40 we increasingly suffer blurred vision when reading. The problem is typically treated by wearing reading glasses, bifocal or varifocal glasses, depending on your needs 

    However there are also some vision training activities that can help to delay this process - feel free to ask us about these activities