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  • Conditions in Children that can cause Visual Problems

    Numerous conditions can affect ability of an individual to adequately process visual information.

    Vision related learning difficulties is an increasing problem, which has increased from 9% in the 1930s, through 17% in the 1970s, to 24% ten years ago and our research indicates that it will hit 30% by 2010!

    These conditions have been given many labels:-

    dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD, developmental delay, Asphergher's, Autism and they are all on the increase!

    Visually they may be labelled as having convergence insufficiency, accommodative stress, visual stress, Irlen syndrome, eye tracking difficulties, visual perceptual difficulties, etc

    These children can all be helped with special lenses, prisms and /or Optometric Vision Therapy - these children do NOT need to suffer a lifetime of misery

    The Vision Centres in Aberdeen and Wareham have been successfully treating children with these types of problems for over 20 years