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    • What is Optometric Vision Therapy?

      This video included courtesy of John Abbondanza

    • Vision therapy is a series of treatment procedures prescribed by optometrists to improve certain types of vision problems that cannot be helped with only glasses or contact lenses.  Vision therapy is much akin to physical therapy for the eyes, during which vision disorders are corrected to improve patients’ visual function and performance. 


      Vision therapy treats vision problems children have when using their eyes up close, especially at school.  Problems with tracking, eye teaming, and focusing make it impossible for children to read, learn, and remain on task.

      Vision therapy is also used to develop the vision in lazy eyes and straighten many “crossed” eyes, and this is done without the need for surgery.  These vision problems are complex disorders of binocular vision, i.e. vision therapy is used to help develop how we use our two eyes together

      A childs vision therapy program consists of an individualised plan of treatment which can include, lenses, prisms, partial or total occlusion (patching) and activities with a variety of both simple and complex equipment to develop enhance visual performance.

      The vision therapist works under the direction of the behavioural optometrist, with the child following this plan. Should activities prove too simple or too difficult, the are modified by the therapist to allow the child’s vision to develop at the best pace for that individual.

      Home therapy may be recommended for some patients, generally after a period of in-house therapy sessions – full training of any “home based” activities is given to the parent and child by the vision therapist.

      The child is regularly reviewed by both the vision therapist and the prescribing optometrist at regular intervals, both during therapy and at regular intervals following therapy 

      Vision therapy activities are given to develop the “5”F”s:-

      • Fields – developing and expanding our awareness of our peripheral vision
      • Fixations – developing good relaxed flowing eye movements and convergence
      • Focus – developing the ability to quickly change attention and maintain a clear focus at any distance as we switch from one distance to another, i.e. copying from the board at school
      • Fusion – to develop a system where the two eyes work together as a team in a comfortable relaxed manner
      • Flexibility – getting all these areas to work in harmony with each other as well as developing integrated gross and fine motor activities

      To achieve these aims, we use a combination of techniques and activities that can include lenses, prisms, ocular training activities, specialist instruments sourced from around the world and specially designed computer programs

      We can select from over 400 activities to enable the patient to develop and automate the necessary visual skills they require.

      As an example, think about running. You have the necessary equipment to run – the arms, the legs, the lungs – but you need to train these things in order for them to allow you to run comfortably.

      This is how Vision Therapy works; you already have the eyes, the muscles and the brain. You just need to train them to work together consistently..