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  • Disclaimer

    Behavioural Optometry and Optometric Vision Therapy is frequently not accepted or understood by Ophthalmologists

    Ophthalmologists are medical doctors trained in disease and surgery

    Visual processing issues cannot be dealt with by surgery of by taking drugs. Many studies have shown significant improvement following optometric vision therapy.

    The techniques that we use within our practice have been in use by optometrists around the world for many years, though they may not have received funding for in-depth research

    The “Fast Track” method of optometric vision therapy that we use was developed by the late Dr Wayne Pharr OD FCSO, which we have continued to develop to improve its efficacy and have presented / published the results of this on many occasions

    No two patients are the same and are therefore treated as such on an individual basis. Some patients will respond better than others. If we feel that we are not making gains with an individual patient, we will stop vision therapy

    We do not claim to treat any disease such as mild traumatic brain injury or specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia.

    What we do treat are the visual problems associated with those conditions