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  • Eye Tracking Problems

    I would like to thank the Gemstone Foundation for their kind permission to include this lovely video that explains about eye tracking problems and vision therapy

  • Symptoms associated with eye tracking problems

    Typical signs of an eye movement dysfunction.

    Loss of place

    skipping lines,

    misreading short words or word beginnings/endings

    words get in wrong order

    lines tend to blur, sway or move, sometimes referred to as "visual stress"

  • What is eye tracking

    eye tracking

    If a person's eyes can not properly "track" from word to word smoothly and seamlessly, reading, writing, and copying are going to be major problems.

    Technically, eye movement and tracking problems are referred to as "oculomotor dysfunctions".  They are often present very early in a child's vision development, but do not become problematic until a child is asked to read, copy, and attend to tasks which require good eye movement control skills  

    Often children with eye movement, focusing, and eye-teaming dysfunctions are unfairly accused of "not paying attention", "not trying hard enough", or just being "lazy learners".   Misdiagnosis of dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, or other learning disabilities often will occur.

  • Eye tracking with OKIMO software

    As demonstrated on the image to the left of this text, Okimo software allows us to actually record how a persons eyes move as they track across some text displayed on a computer screen. This software is radically changing our understanding of eye movements and how their efficiency impacts on learning difficulties