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  • Strabismus is a condition where the eyes fail to point in the same direction. It is the main cause of poor vision in children and affects about 3% of the population

    It is generally accepted that children need surgery before the ago 7-8 years old, however there is absolutely NO evidence that treatment should be carried out before this age

    The first line of treatment should be non surgical to develop visual performance and if surgery is still required vision therapy should follow surgery to help develop binocular vision

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  • Amblyopia, more commonly called lazy eye is a condition where one eye has failed to develop the same quality of vision as its partner.

    It is a condition that is frequently associated with strabismus, or where there is a big difference between the refractive error (strength of glasses) of the two eyes

    Treatment is typically carried out by "patching" the good eye, however we, at the Vision Centres, consider this is a very negative treatment, it fails to improve the binocular system and can cause an increase in eye turn.

    Long term studies often show that, though some improvement may initially take place it may not last ...

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  • Lazy eye can be improved at any age! Watch this video by Sue Barry

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