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  • Vision and eyesight are different

    Vision is far more than "what can you read on the letter chart"...

    ...on this page I have included an TedX talk and some diagrams below that demonstrate a "simple" summary of the complexity of the whole visual process

  • This isa great TedX talk presented by US optometrist Dr. Cameron McCrodan on how vision impacts on learning difficulties, sport, migraine and more...

  • A typical eye exam only deals with the top circle "Eyesight".

    However during a vision assessment at the Vision Centres, all these other aspects are assessed.

    Typically a child with educational difficulties has reduced visual function as described in the image below, (which has been deliberately drawn in poorer quality to help demonstrate visual problems), which impacts on so many areas ignored by most high street opticians

     A program of optometric vision therapy deals with all these areas and more...

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  • vision 3

    Research carried out in Wareham and Aberdeen has identified that around 1 in 4 children are suffering from "vision related" learning difficulties, yet most of these children are identified as having 20/20 vision. 20/20 is a measure of the ability of the eyes to read a letter chart at 20 feet - it gives virtually NO information about a child's ability to read!

    Using low plus lenses, sometimes combined with yoked or base in prisms can often make a major change to a child's ability to read and write

    These lenses have also been shown to improve signs and symptoms of Convergence Insuffiiency

    Unfortunately around 1 in 20 children do not find these lenses beneficial, and these children should be considered for Optometric Vision Therapy

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