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  • During the development of the foetus, a number of survival reflexes are present. Part of the importance of these reflexes is to help the infant develop their visual abilities. Within about 6 months these reflexes should develop and integrate, however failure of this integration can lead to child failing to develop good visual functions and oftend associated with dyslexia, ADHD, developmental delays etc

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  • testing childrens eyes

    Behavioural Optometrists have undergone extensive post graduate training and study to become an affiliated Member or Fellow of the British Association of Behavioural Optometrists (BABO) {and outside the UK - COVD (USA), CSO (USA), BOAF (Europe), EASO (Europe), SIODEC ( Europe), ACBO (Australia)}.

    They are trained to a very high level in visual neurology, visual problems associated with learning difficulties, strabismus and amblyopia,  mild traumatic brain injury and more

    They undergo regular courses and training to continue to develop their extensive knowledge in this specialised area of optometry

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  • Understanding Vision

    Conventional Optometry primarily deals with the top circle of "Eyesight", whereas Behavioural optometrists deal with all the other areas shown on the chart below

  • When Vision goes wrong!

    Typically patients with visual processing problems additionally have difficulties processing peripheral information. The blue circle indicates the size of this "functional visual field".

    The diagram below indicates how reduced peripheral vision impacts on these 5 circles of visual performance. This helps us understand many of the difficulties that children with educational difficulties experience