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  • Vision at Work

  • Vision at work - special visual needs?

    Vision at work can put increased demands on the visual system  At Shaylers Vision Centre we may use additional tests of the eyesight and visual demands.

    When dispensing spectacles, we need to consider lens and frame designs as well as safety considerations.  

  • 21st century living demands excessive close work with many people spending more than 12 hours / day in front of a computer screen, lap top, iPad and iPhone. 

    Employees who suffer with stress that impacts on their eyes or visual system may require special glasses or even vision therapy.  Vision Therapy is not just for children. These excessive demands on the visual system can lead to the following symptoms:-

    Eye strain (Non-Specific Discomfort) Blurred Distant Vision
    Fatigue Dry or Irritated Eyes
    Headache Neck and/or Backaches
    Blurred Near Vision Diplopia (Double Vision)

     These are symptoms of a vision problem that can be associated with:- 

    Accommodative Disorders Refractive Errors
    Presbyopia Hyperopia
    Binocular Vision Dysfunctions Astigmatism
    Dry Eyes Myopia

    Some of these problems can be treated with simple lenses, others however need Optometric Vision Therapy to appropriately treat their difficulty

     For more information about" VDU use and vision" click the link below

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  • Other Occupations

    Though computer use is perhaps the greatest cause of visual stress, many other occupations can also lead to the symptoms detailed above. If you have a problem, email or phone so that we can discuss your difficulty and identify how we may be able to help you